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Eddie "Devil Boy" Turner — Weaving Experiences with Guitars

Eddie Turner, the dynamic guitarist and one-time Otis Taylor band member, doesn't so much as play the instrument -- he glides across the notes, creating an unmatched otherworldly mysticism.

Janiva Magness Announces New Album, "Original"

Blues Music Award-winning singer Janiva Magness has announced her latest project
International Blues Challenge 2014 Schedule FEATURED

IBC Live: Saturday Schedule

Saturday is the day of the IBC Finals at the grand Orpheum Theater, where the best-of-the-best that have secured a place above over 200 bands to be one of a small, elite group of musicians to compete for the top prizes.

Tweed Funk Frontman Joseph “Smokey” Holman Passes

"Well, I’ll tell you; sometimes life can throw you a curve. Take a swing. Who knows? You may hit a home run, but you got to stay in the game."

Texas Guitar Slinger Seth James Has a ‘Good Life’

“I never made the decision to be a musician,” James insists. “I just started doing what I loved and it got out of hand. I’ve been doing it ever since.”
Preamp Tubes

Blues Tools – Big Changes from Little Glass: Preamp Tubes

Today we talk about vital source of sound from Amps. The difference between the little tubes is the difference between a “punchy” or “hot” amp sound and a “smoother” feel at higher volumes. Find out why!

BREAKING – Legendary Performer David Bowie Dead at 69

"I don't know where I'm going from here, but I promise it won't be boring."

New Jack White Album ‘Boarding House Reach’ On the Way

"Servings and Portions from My Boarding House Reach" seems to be highlights of songs on the new album. It's all we have to whet our appetites for now.

Blues Tools – Reverb, Part 1: Big Gear for Big Sounds

Reverb, caused by sound waves bouncing off of walls and ceilings, has played a pivotal part in the unique sounds of instruments and various venues for years. The history of it's use is fascinating.
Chicago Jazz Magazine at Chicago Blues Festival

Chicago Jazz Magazine Responds to Criticism over High Fee at Chicago Blues Fest

The Chicago Jazz Magazine responds to recent dispute over high commission fees.
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