Dana Fuchs Rocks & Rolls JazzBones in Tacoma, Washington

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Dana Fuchs at JazzBones in Tacoma, Washington (Photo: Carolyn Frye)
Dana Fuchs at JazzBones in Tacoma, Washington (Photo: Carolyn Frye)

After touring Europe and performing in Norway, Germany and Spain The Dana Fuchs Band is back home in the states, and on Friday August 3rd, Dana and her super talented band performed to a sold out crowd in Tacoma’s JazzBones.

Dana was amazing! Beautiful, tall, and lanky, with long curly blond hair & dressed in flowey & silky flowery blouse, she immediately commanded the crowd’s attention. Bringing out her deep & growly, yet crystal clear vocals immediately got the crowd going. With tambourine in one hand & a morocca in the other, she danced the crowd into the world of Dana Fuchs music and spirit. The message was simple and clear “Love each other & be nice!” Radiating love, she brought it all together for what I would call a down home intimate show. She was open and interactive. She personalized the show with her family story and I am sure touched hearts of many that evening.

Dana and her band filled an entire hour with (blues-infused) band originals, then tore it up with crazy-energetic covers of The Beatles “Helter Skelter” & Led Zeppelins “Whole Lotta Love”. Her energetic and sexy performance kept the crowd dancing in the aisles and the dance floor all the way through the show and it didn’t empty until the end. Towards the end of the show she asked for the requests, but when she was asked to cover Janis Joplin (and trust me, she would have smashed it) Dana politely declined as she explained that she wants to gain a U.S. following on her own before being compared to such an icon.

I highly recommend seeing the Dana Fuchs Band if you ever get the chance. You will have a great time! I was drawn in from the beginning and even forgot to wear my earplugs for the entire performance.

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