Mark Harrison’s “The World Outside” is a Work of Art

2018 728×90 Allchin

jpegThe World Outside, the third album from Mark Harrison, stands on its own. From the start of the album, it is a journey with the listener wondering what’s next on their travels. Each new song is a new location with a new curiosity, and you can’t help but be continually fascinated. There is always a new sound or some quick highlight that makes the song stand out, be it a wind instrument or a style that sounds just a tad bit jazzy.

With all the old fashioned sounding vocals layered over each other, “Panic Attack” becomes a quick favorite, and probably the most notable song on the album. “Long Gone Miles” has a chugging rhythm that carries the onerous flute melody, providing itself a stand-out instrument in the composition. Harrison is definitely a superb artist.

The grim plucking of the low string on “Not Alright” feels like a lost folk song from a person haunted. It reminds of someone singing in the dark of a secluded tavern at the coast of a sea. The image and the sound are equally profound and paint an altogether sublime portrait. “Long, Long Way” sounds like a forgotten pioneer song. “Floating Around” is great with the harmonies, and “Hard Times Now” leaves you feeling good once the album ends.

What’s so great about the album is that it paints images in your mind. You get these beautiful, folk ballads and old fashioned sounding folk songs, and they leave you with pictures. This album is pristine, and is worth every penny.

Mark Harrison’s The World Outside