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Mike Zito Channels Muddy Waters

Mike Zito has been a hot act on the blues circuit the past few years. The smokin’ Saint Louis blues rocker is chock full of energy and great at what he does, which is rockin’ the house down with the blues. As far as this author is concerned, he’s the embodiment of modern blues; from the “blues” tattooed on the back of his hand, to the reverential homages to greats like Chuck Berry and Muddy to the way he integrates early rock influences into his sound and style.

Check this out: Mike playing Mud’s classic “She’s Nineteen Years Old” down in Florida with the Suncoast blues Society. For those of you that have the urge to play slide, this is a great one to try! Throw on anything you can use as a slide and play the upper E pentatonic scale and you can probably quickly slide out a few of his more fun licks!


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