John Mayall On ‘Three for the Road’ and the New Trio...

"And that’s the nice thing about the blues is you can tell your stories through words and music."

Mud Morganfield’s ‘They Call Me Mud’ Is A Winner

'They Call Me Mud' is a varied and satisfying adventure. Lend it your ear; spend time with it and we promise you won't be disappointed.

Win A “Blues in the Sun” Prize Package: 3 Day Passes,...

You could find yourself at the beachfront Tampa Bay Blues Festival as it returns to Vinoy Waterfront Park in St. Petersburg, FL on April 6, 7, & 8, 2018

Ghalia and Mama’s Boys Turn Blues on It’s Head with ‘Let...

It’s always nice to see artists turn the blues on its head a little bit.

20 Questions With Andrew McGibbon, Jr. of The Bonnevilles

"Then I heard RL Burnside's 'A Ass Pocket Of Whiskey' album which is pretty much my favourite record of all time. It literally changed my life." - Andrew McGibbon, Jr.

Eric Corne Calls the World to Task on ‘Happy Songs For...

Taking roots-rock, blues, alt country, and folk, Corne blends the twelve tracks on 'Happy Songs For The Apocalypse' into a sonically engaging offering.

Sterling Ball, John Ferraro, & Jim Cox Are ‘The Mutual Admiration...

The idea was for a group of close musical friends to have fun recording an album. Nailed it!

World Premiere Exclusive: Stew Cutler – “Before I Go”

We are pleased to bring you “Before I Go,” which has Bobby Harden joining Cutler for a bodacious, funky, groovin' celebration.

Robert Gordon Captures Junior Kimbrough on ‘Memphis Rent Party’

"Tenants who needed to make rent would throw a party where they lived, pushing all the furniture back to allow more room for dancing..."

Elise Legrow Reimagines Classics with ‘Playing Chess’

The sheer audacity to envision these tracks as she has and then deliver them with the fearless and unabashed abandon she does speaks volumes.