"The Beautiful Bones" Is Kelley Hunt's Gospel Inspired Soul

2020 TBBF 728×90


It is not very often that we receive an album makes us sit down and really listen; like, grabs us and demands our full attention. Multi-instrumentalist Kelley Hunt has done exactly that with her new album, The Beautiful Bones. The album has depth, soul, personality, and nuance.

The Beautiful Bones, on 88 Records, is a 50 minute journey through these 12 windows into Kelley Hunt’s musical soul. Though some selections here are more blues or soul inflected than others, the entire album resonates with a quiet comfort firmly grounded in a gospel voice. The sound and mix on this album is first rate, and the music has an inviting clarity and freshness about it.

Hunt is very pleased with her band, stating “The musicians on this record are my dream team.” She serves up rich and textured vocals, smart guitar, and of course, winning piano lines throughout the album. Helping Hunt bring this music to life are drummer Bryan Owings, Hammond B3 player Mark Jordan, bassist Tim Marks, and John Jackson on guitar.  Adding a delicious depth to the music with their background vocals are The McCrary Sisters. The joy that everyone had working with each other here is apparent.

Standout tracks include “This Time,” with its swell Memphis Soul feel, and “Golden Hour,” with a lively gospel-funk vibe that just feels good. “Release and Be Free” is straight-up beautiful soul with an exquisite vocal, and “The Beautiful Bones” features a smooth vocal along with great atmospherics. Another winner is the piano shuffle of “I’ve Got A Good Feeling,” just dripping with NOLA revelry. The album closer, “The Sweet Goodbye,” is a masterpiece on both an emotional, and acoustic level.

If you enjoy a little gospel with your blues and soul, The Beautiful Bones is for you. This album will definitely lift your spirits and make you smile, on the inside.

Kelley Hunt