Author: Casebeer

Casebeer's first introduction to music was Elvis. Like many of his generation he grew up loving roots based sounds and his first introduction to the blues was through the bands that are considered classic rock now. He has a deep love of the blues, loves to talk about it, loves to write about it and loves to watch it live on stage, with or without.a camera in his hand.

If you are a gearhead like some of us, then you just love to try out new equipment. While we have done a fair amount of that, it’s safe to say we’ve never tested a product that is as innovative as BeatBuddy. BeatBuddy is the world’s first guitar pedal drum machine. It’s shape is similar to other popular stomp boxes that you might see on a pedal board, and the inline capabilities will allow this pedal-shaped gem to become an integral part of anyone’s setup. Let’s say your drummer is late for band practice, but you like to warm up with…

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