"Damnation Blues" by Terry Davidson & the Gears Burns Some Serious Rubber!

Get ready, strap in and buckle up. “Damnation Blues” probably should come with a warning label but I guess that’s what I’m here for. I’m warning you right now, if you don’t want to listen to some awesome blues rock, then don’t listen to this. If you do want to get your socks rocked off and tap your foot uncontrollably, then this is for you. There is also just enough classic blues mixed in, so there is a little bit of something for everyone that listens to “Damnation Blues”.

The Heartland’s own Terry Davidson and the Gears bring it in fine fashion and treat our ears to healthy helping of high voltage, Midwest blues rock, mixed in with some country and early rock licks. They have been at this for twenty years and it shows, they are a super-tight outfit.
Davidson started out in The Barracudas back in 1965, who had the distinction of being the youngest rock band in Columbus, Ohio, back in the day.
The title track “Damnation Blues” has a complete Rolling Stones feel to it, you know, the bluesy Rolling Stones stuff. It is nothing more that just a great jam and I bet they have fun playing that one live and I’m quite sure it’s a crowd favorite.
Track 2 sounds a lot like Surf Blues to me, I just thought of something, do they have oceans in Ohio? Regardless, that song is a tire-smoking, fun, fast paced tune that has a very fitting name “Rat Rod”. The rumbling V8 at the start of this song also was a great touch.
“High & Lonesome” is definitely a throwback and is proof these guys can play traditional blues with the best of them.
This is Terry Davidson’s 7th album with The Gears as his backing band and he is responsible for writing or co-writing 10 of the 12 on this release.
This collection is filled with just about everything you could want. The bass thumps, the drums are spot on and we get to hear some awesome guitar work throughout, including some fantastic slide action on “Quittin’ Time”. Toss in the addition of killer harp work and keys in all the right places and you come up with a wonderful CD.
The instrumental track “Three Angels” is an absolutely beautiful piece, coming in just over 3 minutes long and featuring more brilliant slide work, accompanied by a Mandolin. It totally reminds of a certain British band that was heavily influenced by the early American blues players.
“High Test Love” is great way to end this, it is a cool guitar driven number, that shows off some nice horn work, in a perfect spot during the guitar solo.
This is a fun CD, and nothing is over-done or over-produced. If this band gets to my area I will most definitely be getting out to see them.

1. Damnation Blues
2. Rat Rod
3. Devil’s Prize
4. High & Lonesome
5. World’s Last GTO
6. Quittin’ Time
7. Three Angels
8. Dog Crazy
9. How Long Can This Go On
10. Black Cat Boogie
11. Little Abigail
12. High Test Love
Click here to visit Terry Davidson & The Gears website
By Glen Casebeer/Northwest Music Scene


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