Exclusive Premiere Track: Multi-Instrumentalist Sarah Elizabeth Haines Gets Righteous On ‘Liar’

"It gets its power from the smolder of righteous anger, but still keeps it upbeat..."

Sarah Elizabeth Haines was used to living in the harmonies, the lines outside of the spotlight. A classically trained violist and violinist, she plays both instruments in the touring production of Tony award-winning musical Hamilton and the New York City-based contemporary classical chamber group Contemporaneous. Previously, she’s toured with Les Misérables and Kansas City Choir Boy (featuring Courtney Love), and been a co-bandleader of Americana-folk band Bellehouse and a member of orchestral rock band Emanuel and the Fear. 

Haines is set to resume her role as violist/violinist in the touring cast of Hamilton, as well as release her second full-length solo LP, Castaway. The 11-track album, co-produced by Kevin Salem and due in early 2022, showcases Haines’ impressive instrumental skills on viola, violin, guitar, arrangements, and production, as well as her sharp songwriting and strong singing — both on the melodies and harmonies.

From Castaway is today’s premiere for lead single “Liar.” Weighing in at 2 minutes and 42 seconds, this nice slice of indie funk is the true story of a cheating ex. 

Haines tells ABS:

“Liar” is a burn-it-down kind of breakup tune. It gets its power from the smolder of righteous anger, but still keeps it upbeat and even tongue in cheek — because at the end of the day it’s better to see with clear eyes and to be the one to be able to walk away. 

This song was born from a rather spectacular breakup where I discovered after nine months that the person I had been dating had another girlfriend the whole time, and I only eventually found out because she reached out wanting to connect. I had one or two warning signs early on but I unfortunately ignored those red flags the first time, and thus this song was inspired.

Sarah Elizabeth Haines


*Feature image credit: Sarah Elizabeth Haines


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