Powerful World Premiere Track: Cari Hutson ‘The Rescue’

If you're just hearing Cari for the first time, take her advice: "Take a chance on a new artist...don't be afraid of real feelings...and turn it up!"

Austin powerhouse singer Cari Hutson, is releasing a new track today entitled “The Rescue.” This is only the second recording she’s released since her 2016 album, Don’t Rain on My Sunny Day, but a lot has happened in that time.

Hutson, and her band were awarded a $20,000 grant at the annual Black Fret “Black Ball” at Austin’s Moody Theater a year ago. Like many other artists in 2020, she and her husband/bandmate Hunter St. Marie have been performing a great many virtual shows, and gigging live whenever possible. She’s also had some personal turmoil that has fed her songwriting. In October she released a “piss and vinegar,” single entitled “Blame,” even though she’s always tried to steer away from politically charged songs. Now, with the recent loss of her mother, comes “The Rescue.”

My husband and I brought a little girl into the world September 1st, 2016. Becoming a mother really changed my perception of what it is to understand my own mother. My mom and I went through a rough time, and I use it in past tense because she just passed this September. When I became a mom it shone a light on how much she was a human being who had flaws and her own battles to overcome. ‘The Rescue’ is about her battle with alcoholism but also about knowing when to throw the line out and ask for help. – Cari Hutson

“The Rescue,” and “Blame” will both be included in a new EP Hutson is releasing in February, 2021 entitled Salvation and Soul Restoration. If you’re just hearing Cari for the first time, take her advice:

Take a chance on a new artist…don’t be afraid of real feelings…and turn it up!

Cari Hutson

*Feature image courtesy of Juice Consulting


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