Video Premiere: Zydeco Innovator Corey Ledet ‘Jolie Ti Femme’

Corey’s rise to Zydeco royalty in the 21st century was a fait accompli

The self-titled album Corey Ledet Zydeco, an accordion-driven encapsulation of all the trademark sounds of Louisiana, is this leading light of zydeco’s 14th album. Zydeco sees Ledet interlacing his music with his family’s heritage — breathing new life into zydeco, ragtime, jazz, blues, Creole, and even be-bop. Ledet is featured on lead, harmony and background vocals, accordion, drums and washboard.

Zydeco was produced by Ledet and Louis Michot, recorded at Dockside Studios, Maurice, Louisiana, June 2019 with Justin Tocket engineering and mixing. It was mastered by Mark Bingham at Nina Hwy Studio, nearby in Henderson. He was joined in the studio by Cecil Green on Hammond B3 organ, bassist Lee Allen Zeno, harmonica player Grant Dermody, Julian Primeaux on rhythm and lead guitar and backing vocals, and Gerard Delafose on drums and washboard.

Spiritually, he’s connecting with his ancestors. “I’m learning to play the style of music that they played back in the day and mixing it with mine,” Ledet tells me. “I’m just excited to promote my family through my music and share it with everybody. It’s cool stuff. I had a cousin that played with Louis Armstrong. As far as I know now it goes back to my great-grandfather, late 1800s ragtime.”

Today, ABS is proud to premiere Ledet’s new video for “Jolie Ti Femme,” recorded October 6 for NOLA Reconnect on the Prairie des Femmes. NOLA Reconnect is an interactive, immersive, virtual visit to New Orleans and southern Louisiana that launches this March.

Zydeco is being released by Arnaudville, Louisiana’s Nouveau Electric Records January 15, 2021 via CD, digital download and on streaming platforms. Ledet will be performing on release day at 8PM CST, preceding Michot’s Melody Makers featuring singer/songwriter/cellist Leyla McCalla. This event will be livestreamed from New Orleans’ d.b.a. He will provide keyboards, drums and bass on accordion simultaneously, performing solo.

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*Feature image: Screengrab of video


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