A look inside Todd Sharpville's "Porchlight"

Todd Sharpville makes an amazing return to the blues along with the release of his great new studio double album "Porchlight"

Todd Sharpville makes an amazing return to the blues along with the release of his great new studio double album “Porchlight” (produced by the legendary Duke Robillard, featuring special guests: Joe Louis Walker, Duke Robillard, and Kim Wilson)

Todd Sharpville is a notable British bluesman who was born into one of the UK’s oldest, titled aristocratic families (that spans well over a 1000 years of privileged history). His father was the late Viscount St Davids (also known as Baron Strange of Knockin, Baron Hungerford, Baron De Moleyns and Baron Picton), and Todd is the current “Heir Presumptive” to these family titles. I feel like I should be calling him sir or something like that. That reminds of certain blues player in America named Dudley Taft, who is a descendant of President Taft and was born into the affluent Taft family.
So, what that tells me is that the blues are a state of mind and not necessarily the circumstances. At least not in every case. What could he possibly know about the blues? The answer is everything!Todd flexes his excellent vocal muscles throughout the whole CD he sings with passion and uses a very soulful style that cuts like a knife…The lyrics are also very catchy with some great hooks tossed out there. 

There are some great players pitching in on this 2-CD, 15 song release, including the aforementioned, Kim Wilson, Duke Robillard and Joe Louis Walker. If you are looking for some music that will get you up and moving, look no further, there are some songs on here that really cook!

“Porchlight” is a very important piece of work for Todd and most definitely a major part of the healing process for him.

Todd’s dad died just as the pre-production for the album began. The emotional aspects are reflected throughout the recordings. In the words of Todd, the “Porchlight” is symbolic of the “home fire that loved ones keep burning for us in the nether world, waiting to lovingly lead us back home to our maker”. The title track “Porchlight”will tug at your heart strings as Todd talks about his dad’s passing and the light that is shining at our journey’s end. The end of the song speeds up and we sort of forget or put out of our mind what we just thinking about. Once again, music takes us away, if only for 30 seconds.

I really liked the feeling and the groove in the songs “Used” and “Legacy Of Greed” but I have to tell you, nothing in particular really jumped out at me…the whole CD did! This is a musical joyride from beginning to end and then back to the beginning again! The downbeat song “Misery” takes us home at the end of this phenomenal CD and it is a great way to bring this thing to a close.

No wonder Todd has opened shows for the likes of BB King, Joe Cocker and worked with artists like Chuck Berry, Ike Turner, Byther Smith, Mick Taylor, Leo Sayer and Hubert Sumlin in his earlier years. Todd Sharpville has been accepted by this community and it is easy to see why, he is one of the very best at what he does.


01. If Love Is A Crime
02. Lousy Husband (But A Real Good Dad)
03. Used
04. Why Does It Rain?
05. Can’t Stand The Crook
06. Everything Will Be Alright
07. Old Feeling 


01. When The World’s Not Enough
02. When The Blues Come Calling
03. If That Ain’t Love What Is?
04. Legacy Of Greed
05. Whole Lotta Lady
06. Misery
07. Busted In Pieces
08. Porchlight 

Listening to this is TRULY an event you won’t want to miss! This will get a vote from me as one of the best blues releases this year and this will also earn a 5 bluestar rating from the American Blues Scene.
I strongly recommend adding this to your music collection.

Visit Todd’s website here

By Glen Casebeer/Northwest Music Scene

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