Beth Hart Show in Kiev, Ukraine Postponed

2019 Beth Hart wide

caribbean-club-reopens-in-kyiv-16Ukrainian fans of one of our favorite performers will have to wait to see her again. Beth Hart has announced that she’ll have to postpone her stop at The Caribbean Club in Kiev, Ukraine.  Of course, parts of Ukraine are under a great deal of of turmoil these days and we won’t go into that subject other than to say that now the political mess is having an affect on the blues.  The show must go on so let’s hope for speedy resolution to the problems facing the people of that country.

All of this said, there a bit of speculation on our part as to why the show has been cancelled or postponed but with the current state of affairs, we’re thinking she is playing it safe and waiting until the smoke clears, literally.

Here’s the message that our friend Beth Hart posted on her website:

“We are sorry to inform you that the show in Kiev, Ukraine has been postponed. You will be advised of the new date as soon as we have the details.”

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