Jackpot Records Releasing Three Chess Records Classics on Vinyl Reissues

The reissue titles are Etta James' At Last, Howlin’ Wolf's His Greatest Sides Vol. 1, and 
Super Super Blues Band - Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf & Bo Diddley. All titles are coming out 8/26/16, and they are issued on limited color vinyl.

Jackpot Records is proud to announce our upcoming series of Chess Records LP Reissues. All titles are coming out 8/26/16, and they are issued on limited color vinyl. The reissue titles are Etta James’ At Last, Howlin’ Wolf’s His Greatest Sides Vol. 1, and 
Super Super Blues Band – Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf & Bo Diddley.


Etta James – At Last!

Etta James‘ debut LP originally released in 1960, featuring the classic hit song “At Last”. Blues, soul, jazz, R&B and rock vocalist Etta James needs no introduction. An icon from the early pantheon of rock ’n roll divas, she has inspired 5 decades of listeners and fellow artists with her vocal stylings. From Janis Joplin to Beyonce, her expressive and guttural style has been imitated, but never quite matched.

Jackpot Records is honored to release this momentous record with the original album artwork and 4 bonus tracks, previously only available on CD.




Howlin’ WolfHis Greatest Sides Volume One

Continuing in our series of Chess Record Reissues, Jackpot Records presents this compilation of landmark original studio singles, from Chicago blues artist Howlin’ Wolf. Originally recorded from 1954-1965.

Howlin’ Wolf electrified the sound of the Mississippi Delta blues and brought it to Chicago, laying down what would become the foundation of rock and roll in the early 1950s. Delivered in his gruff, haunting voice, his lyrics spoke of his hard life experiences and his signature growlin’ mesmerized audiences and blues musicians alike.

Howlin Wolf helped make Chess Records a historic label and solidified Chicago as the worlds capital of blues. This album is pressed on Limited Colored Vinyl.



The Super Super Blues Band – Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters, & Bo Diddley

The Super Super Blues Band started out merely as Super Blues, a conglomerate of blues pillars Bo Diddley, Muddy Waters and Little Walter. When Little Walter bowed out and was replaced by Howlin’ Wolf, they rightfully threw another Super on the name, and went on to release this burning, irreverent and even sometimes hilarious set of drunken, wild-eyed electric blues. Long form jams roll on in a trance as the trio of blues legends flex egos, talking shit to each other, trading off leads and ducking blasts of unexpected wah- wah guitar lines. Songs are peppered with an incredible level of banter between the trio of bandleaders that predicts the call and response sing- talking of early hip hop, laced with random screams in the background that teeter between celebration and danger.

That these three ever got into the same room together is a miracle, and that they produced something so intense, energetic and weird is another almost unbelievable feat. The record is special enough as a stand- alone document of this meeting/melting of the minds before you find out the backing band consists of Hubert Sumlin, Otis Spann and freaking Buddy Guy. Might have needed one more “super” in there. This album features original artwork w/ liner notes by Richard Meltzer, and is a Limited Color Vinyl Pressing.

Jackpot Records


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