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Music Reviews

This is the all-encompassing section to review anything music-related.

Buddy Guy Tears the Roof off of the Ridgefield Playhouse — with Some Help

They say that 40 is the new 30, but when it comes to Buddy Guy, 75 is the new 25.

Do Not Miss Here I Am by Nick Moss

Nick Moss has the rare and treasured ability to be blues in a way that is progressive and exciting, lending optimism and depth to the genre. Here I Am is proof positive.
Kilborn Alley - Four

Four by Kilborn Alley; Darn Good Blues and Soul

Kilborn Alley's latest album Four is a diverse, professional, and most importantly, solidly blues album that is simply fun to listen to. The album is the band's fourth collaboration with Blue Bella Records, and...

Jubilee Showcase DVD Displays Gospel in Brilliance

We recently received "Classic Moments In Jubilee Showcase," a DVD offering up some of the more prestigious segments on what was the long standing Jubilee Showcase, a Chicago-area television show that primarily focused on...
Louisiana Red & Little Victor's Juke Joint - Memphis Mojo

Memphis Mojo by Louisiana Red is a Juke Joint on an Album

For those that haven't had the pleasure of finding themselves in a southern juke joint, this album will show you what your life's been missing. Red floats between slow-droning and searing harmonica fused with mean, mean licks.
FEATURED The Chitlin Circuit and the Road to Rock n Roll by Preston Lauterbach

Preston Lauterbach Explores the Origins of the Chitlin' Circuit

Preston Lauterbachs new book, The Chitlin Circuit and the Road to Rock N Roll explores the electrifying & colorful origins of the famous Chitlin Circuit, a loose trail of small town venues hosting black entertainers.

Samantha Fish – Runaway Album Review

Samantha Fish, a relative newcomer to the blues, has recently released a top quality, guitar-driven album, produced by Mike Zito, that touches on a number of styles and boasts several memorable tracks.
Blue Mosiac - The Kingsnakes

Blue Mosiac by The Kingsnakes is Classic Chicago Blues

On their latest album, the Kingsnakes are largely doing what they've done best for nearly two decades: Chicago Blues
preachin the blues - son house FEATURED

Preachin' The Blues – Son House Biography Sheds Light on Blues Master

Son House was and continues to be a towering pillar of delta blues. His new biography by Daniel Beaumont puts Son's unique and amazing story together, with some familiar notes and surprising new revelations.
Mill Block Blues - Ruff Kutt Blues Band

"Mill Block Blues" by Ruff Kutt Blues Band, an Instant Classic

Not only is Mill Block Blues generating thousands of dollars for the Handy Artist Relief Trust to help blues musicians in need, it is an excellent album with an all-star Texas cast. Fun to listen to and expertly made, it's got the magic!
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