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Music Reviews

This is the all-encompassing section to review anything music-related.

The Last Sultan - Ahmet Ertegun

"The Last Sultan" a Fascinating Look at Atlantic Records Founder, Ahmet Ertegun

An eye-opening, glamorous, sometimes scandalous account of life in a wildly successful record label.

True Blues Concert Film Recorded at D.C.'s Restored Howard Theatre on April 22nd

On April 22nd, incredibly talented performers took the stage at the Howard Theater. The outcome was legendary.
Humbucker Pickup

Blues Tools – Picking Up the Basics, Guitar Pickups

It’s the key component to what makes an electric guitar do its magic, but not everyone knows how they work.
Eddie C Campbell - Spider Eating Preacher

Eddie C. Campbell – Spider Eating Preacher Brings the Family!

Eddie C. Campbell is a genuine expression of West side Chicago blues, and his history and latest album, Spider Eating Preacher, from Delmark Records, leaves no doubt.
Preamp Tubes

Blues Tools – Big Changes from Little Glass: Preamp Tubes

Today we talk about vital source of sound from Amps. The difference between the little tubes is the difference between a “punchy” or “hot” amp sound and a “smoother” feel at higher volumes. Find out why!
Tweed Funk - Love Is

Tweed Funk's "Love Is" a Powerhouse Punch of Funk, Soul, Blues

The latest from the killer funk band that's been blowing up the blues world, produced by Greg Koch, is a powerhouse punch and a blast to listen to.
Jeff Menteer - The Nature of My Dreams

Jeff Menteer’s "The Nature of My Dreams" – Come True at Last

So what does a song writer aspire to -- what do they dream about? Their own album, right? Such is The Nature of My Dreams.

Show Review: Curtis Salgado's "Soul Shot" CD Release Party at Jazz Alley

If you've never had the opportunity to catch Curtis Salgado play live, you're missing out!
Eric Bibb - Deeper in the Well

"Deeper in the Well" from Eric Bibb is an Album in Disguise

A mysterious, earthen feel that is infectious and impossible to stop listening to... this expansive sound could well be the genius that is Eric Bibb.
Sharon Lewis FEATURED

"The Real Deal" by Sharon Lewis is Emotion-Stirring, Inflective

Sharon has a big voice simply built for the blues, with tonal inflections and emotion-stirring abilities that make listening to her a magical experience.
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