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Hadden Sayers had made his success the hard way; he has earned it. He has talent and he’s honed that talent playing over 200 gigs a year. He has persisted in the face of shady deals, less than honest agents, and crooked record labels. But above everything else is his love of soul, desire to succeed, and dedication to playing some seriously mean guitar.

Wheeler is from the school of “I will let my guitar do the talking.” He knows when to let loose, and when to let things breathe a bit. He does not try to impress with a million notes in 12 bars. All his playing makes sense, is for the betterment of the song, and every note belongs right where he plays it.

Every now and then a back-to-basics blues album is issued and we are amazed at how effective simplicity really is. Guitars, vocals, and the music itself. This is just such an album. Hans Theessink & Terry Evans’ Delta Time is intimate blues. Simple, beautiful, bare-bones intimate, and inspiring.

This album is good listening on many levels. The musicians are first class and so is the playing. Sound and production quality is excellent. What really seals the deal here is that this album is just a bunch of fun to listen to!