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Sid Bernstein FEATURED

Sid Bernstein Passes Away

Sid Bernstein, the man who is credited with bringing The Rolling Stones to America and quite possibly the entire British invasion has passed away. Sid_bernstein

The Language of the Blues: JAM

To jam is to improvise with other musicians. Linguist David Dalby traced jam to a Wolof word... check out where your favorite musician get-together came from!
Reverend Peyton FEATURED

Juke Joint Festival Coverage — Reverend Peyton and his Big Damn Band Interview

The good reverend opened up about his (now formerly) secret upcoming new album, it's (now not secret!) name, and the band's deceptively powerful, unique sound that's made them a major crossover success while maintaining staunchly loyal to the old school blues that was their influence

"Lemmy" Kilmister Will Be Celebrated At the Rainbow Bar & Grill

A memorial and celebration of Lemmy's life will be held on Saturday, January 9th, at the Rainbow Bar & Grill in West Hollywood, California.

Blues Legend Robert Bilbo Walker Dead at 80

Robert "Bilbo" Walker will be remembered as a true Delta bluesman, bringing the traditions and the music that is the blues to fans old and new...

The Language of the Blues: GOOFER BAG, GOOFER DUST

The word goofer comes from the Bantu kufua and the Ki-Kongo kufa. Both mean "to die." But Goofer's dust digs deeper than that. Find out what magic Ma Rainey and the early blues masters were talking about.

Nick Waterhouse reveals ‘Wreck The Rod’ featuring Danny Trejo (Breaking Bad, Con Air)

Nick Waterhouse reveals 'Wreck The Rod'with video featuring Danny Trejo (Machete, Breaking Bad, Con Air) WATCH HERE New self-titled album set for March 8th release on Innovative Leisure --- Selected previous praise for Nick Waterhouse: “Think music ain't what it used to...
Blues Music Award FEATURED

33rd Annual Blues Music Awards being held Thursday in Memphis

The highly anticipated Blues Music Awards are commencing tomorrow, and American Blues Scene will again be on hand to bring you the latest news as it happens!

Blues/Roots Radio in the Birthplace of the Blues

At 12:35 PM on Saturday, November 19th, 2016, WXXO, went ‘On the Air’ and launched Clarksdale’s 24 hour blues and roots radio station, known as
WattStax Featured

WattStax: 40 Years After the Soul & Struggle

In 1972, forty years ago today & seven years after the infamous Watts riots, a concert unlike any other was held at the famous Los Angeles Coliseum.
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